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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:41

Three young to be left stranded Reached Seek

Three young to be left stranded Reached Seek
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Rize Çamlıhemşin County Gito stranded trying to achieve three young remaining in the Plateau.

Rize news: Photo According to information obtained to visit with the start of the day , snow in the past Çamlıhemşin County Gito Plateau resulting Suresh Yüksel (19) Furkan Jahan ( 19) and Eda Day (18) oil closure of roads with intensive type of effect and is stranded as a result distortion of the vehicle they stayed . AFAD for the salvation of youth , started the night by UMK and acute rescue operation had suffered landslides on the road and hitch with intense type of effect. Since morning, the Special Provincial Administration that continues to lead the team work and the ongoing rescue efforts despite the pedestrian has not yet reached the young. When installing telephone contact with young people present in the vehicle, was reported where there are no life-threatening. It was learned that the rescue operation continued .
On the other hand , said St. Gölbasi Çamlıhemşin District Governor , the situation of young people is critical , he said the rescue operation continued uninterrupted . Said Gölbasi , \"Meteorological heavy snowfall warning in a statement made ​​by the General Directorate done. We warn our citizens through relevant units in . Unfortunately, our citizens warnings were trapped disregard . I have a very point of our citizens who are stranded . Three young men in critical condition . Working these scars from yesterday a in the car , they're struggling to live with the cold and snow . we gave the intensity recovery in our study area where teenagers . we are working with a large team and business machine continues. is giving support to work at Mountaineer. we phone in touch with young people. each other hugs are warming up. Psychology corrupted . freezing concerns carry . from time to time they could not feel their feet. we are trying to reach young people as soon as possible , \"he said .
STATE they leave DIFFICULT SITUATION Photo Governor Gölbasi , reprovingly to the relevant period springs to snow despite warnings , \"a are trapped in the very spot. He will save. However, I see our people a negligence and irresponsibility . People knowingly endangering themselves . We are risking . AFAD team returned from the dead to the rescue efforts . State as we had left in case I want to express how difficult this way. If I need to go to spring snow. Means that we will send to the normal services is unable to serve the village roads closed because of them . Nevertheless, I hope they get rid of my health right call , \"he said .


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