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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:02

Rize Rescue Work ...

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Rize Rize high cut with snow in effective Search and Rescue Team to the rescue of many people trapped in the highland village ( RICA ) search and rescue work started under the leadership are continuing.

Rize news: Photo Rize stayed two days in the high lands which are effective although that does not leave many people stranded as a result of all the springs to heavy snowfall warning. Rize Search and Rescue Team to rescue the remaining trapped in the highland village ( RICA ) led the rescue operation was launched . Photo RICA Chairman Mustafa Hill , said in a statement that they conducted a search and rescue operation is currently in three different locations , \"Çamlıhemşin District of TR brook site with 250 head of livestock we got a call in the direction that bad of a shepherd's health status over 65 years remaining trapped . Our teams hit the road with the glow of the day to save the shepherds. we have also launched an operation to Çamlıhemşin District Badara trapped in Highland 5 people rescued. in the same time Marselavat Plateau 26 work in progress initiated in order to rescue our citizens , \"he said . Photo Special Provincial Administration Secretary General of the Şefik Aygolu said that , despite all the warnings of citizens to leave their spring said that creates serious risks of rescue teams and themselves . Aygolu \"General Directorate of Meteorology's warning was warned of following all related departments. I was informed to all the headmen. With our citizens who are in the highlands going beyond in that I was asked to dismount from the plateau established telephone contact . However it was who descend from the plateau . In this way both themselves and rescue teams under serious risk they have put , \"he said .

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