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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:23

Right to the Dial Harmful Outcomes

Right to the Dial Harmful Outcomes
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Who sued for the right to search for the Rizeli Ahmet Baylor (63) as well as one can not get the rights for delaying the case rejected the objection period had to pay the legal costs of $ 2 thousand .

Rize news: Photo of incidents in Rize , Ahmet Baylen (63) with the documents in the hands of the 18-month length of service required for retirement lost SSI sued to get it back . Sunday Courthouse on January 14, 2014 1. Court of First Instance in SSI Ankara/Cankaya about suing Baylor Branch , 1988 and filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the loss of the period between 1989 SSK services . Baylor between 1988 and 1989, receipts showing payment of social security paid by the construction company branch Cankaya in Ankara was presented to the court that he had worked at other premium pay indicators. Regardless of the documents on the grounds that the court refused to delay the trial objection period of 5 years . All court costs , including the SSI side is 2 thousand TL is ruled on the point of payment by Baylen . Photo HAK searching for PEST I OUTPUT said
Baylor , \"The financial situation is fine not . I filled a thousand and one difficulties of 3 thousand 600 days of the retirement period . However, I have worked in Ankara could be retired or committed for 18 months. Çankaya said Branch from 1988, and not found my file we want our day belongs to 1989 . payment of the relevant year from the employer on this I got the documents. SSI said that I should apply to the court at this time. I applied to the Court. However, the court refused my case because I delay the 5-year appeal period and ruled that pay 2 thousand TL in the litigation costs . I learned earlier this year been committed 18 months. 15 years ago the files that my lost over 5 years before I found out I was then sued . About me searching for harmful output. If I knew this would happen she never sued two thousand'and I pay social security premiums than 5 months . Now I can be said to retire for 18 months I have to pay more premiums . I have worked for 18 months as deleted'll pay 2 thousand money. I'll have to work another 18 months to retire , \"he said .

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