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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:08

Response towing Shares

Response towing Shares
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Rize young people stranded in the mountains recovering a result of long and risky operation , the event drew pictures before and after the reaction they share over the internet.

Rize news: Photo Rize Gito Plateau trapped in a 24-hour period of recovery after 8 young teens share their work via social networking sites has caused some photographs response. Shared recovery in young people before and after photo Despite all the warnings that come to leisure springs of thought emerged. In photos shared by one of the trapped youth in the invitation to make preparations to make other friends off-road , and another share, said they acted to save his trapped friends .
As is known, off-stranded by road vehicle to rescue three young men remaining for off-road vehicle out with another young as 5 were left stranded. 5 young 10 hours , they were rescued by another 3 Young and 24 hours of hard work .
WARNING Ignored Photo Rize Province General Assembly President Mohammad hunters , some of the warning made ​​by the relevant authorities stating that consideration by the citizens , \"the last three days have effective heavy rains result in a lot of our difficulties. in particular , we had serious problems with snow as a result of the highland villages of our . Governorship and disaster despite warnings made ​​by our office is trying to salvage by our team of citizens remaining in the highlands . Situations we saved our dangers that pose some citizens. currently, we have citizens who are stranded . But they have their own evlerind are . no any danger. Nevertheless, we are working to cause started for them, \"he said.
< strong> penalties for Photo Hunter, also opened a debate on the subject every year to apply criminal sanctions , recalling that there were similar circumstances. The hunter said, \"our young lives we are very valuable. We do everything we can to save their lives before anything else. But we live after these events some of the things on our assessment was necessary. Maybe took to the mountains to live an adrenaline Our ​​young . According to the information we have received from friends before going to the mountains they share on such thoughts social networking sites. But unfortunately the administration of us have risked the lives of its employees. our friends in spite of everything , they realized that the recovery in those difficult circumstances. We have citizens despite still behave in this way we warn repeatedly . radical decisions on this topic We will take . unfortunately down stubbornness manifestation of the stroke to the point of some of our citizens, even though they make the necessary warnings to all our institutions , our these days is holding us to our other services. Things that are experiencing this event highlands village. it is not there living in normal conditions this season. We unfortunately strive to save our present citizens , we can not open our other village roads to be opened the way and the life , \"he said .
Meanwhile Rize Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Shafiq Aygolu also said in a statement , \"Every pleasure is supposed to be a cost. We have come a bit late to enjoy the mountains. They wanted to do safari card. They were rescued. This is supposed to be a penal provision . Because the state was a huge cost . On the other hand disrupt service waiting to go serve our village. We need to have the opportunity to use the state where needed . Therefore we warn our citizens constantly . Please Observe the notes they made ​​, \"he said.


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