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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:29

OViT of Rize Governor Tunnel Description

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Rize İkizdere eyes after yesterday experienced tunnel disaster in the town , which still continues in the construction of İkizdere and business interrupted in making the November 3, due to safety procedures were translated into Turkey's longest tunnel construction Ovit Tunnel.

Rize news: Photo Rize Governor made ​​a statement on the issue today . In a statement , oViT Tunnel was given information regarding the interruption of the construction . The statement \"our province south open in the event of a major gateway oViT tunnel construction work phase of the work done Valiliğimizce about their safety and the public regarding the follow-up of implementation in terms of accurate information the disclosure Valiliğimizce yielding to necessity. On July 23, 2014 depending on the Labour and Social Security Ministry of Labour Inspection Decision of Trustees on suspension of the oViT tunnel from the Board reached İkizdere governor. Jury Decision is dated July 14, 2014 has been reported in 3 reasons to stop the tunnel work . outside and inside the tunnel, there is no emergency warning system. of toxic gas levels in the measurements made in the tunnel reasonable level has been found to overcome . not enough ventilation in the tunnel , there is no intake system. Jury decision has been communicated to fly the company and its work conducted and performed on specified matters are forward İkizdere our governor on September 2, 2014 a report. That the cessation of work and dependent on Social Security, the Ministry of Labour Inspection Board of tunnel construction and should be stopped immediately if 02 Ministry of Internal Affairs article on sending to the Interior Ministry by October 2014 Letter dated 21 October 2014 is to refer to the Rize Governor . Our Governor also need to be made in writing on 24 October 2014 is sent to the District İkizdere . Stop the decision has been communicated by the company İkizdere District again on October 30 , 2014. Tunnel in the company on October 31, 2014 is reported that the District that any work done and business is stopped. 31 October 2014 The observations came from Ankara tunnel labor inspectors at the request of the company and for failure to fully eliminate the deficiency has decided to continue the work stopped. Company to enter the tunnel from the completion of the necessary safety deficiencies Ministry of Labour and Social Security has asked for permission to work in the tunnel. The Ministry has also given permission to enter the tunnel only be made provided that the safety analysis. On November 10, 2014 permission was notified to the company in this direction . Security measures within the company continues to work on the permit . These studies Labour Inspectors when completed will make a new investigation and will decide \"the statement said .
The other hand, the comments made in the past day to lose the life of a person in İkizdere a dent in the resulting tunnel was also mentioned . In a statement made, \"Highway 10 Regional Directorate of care and a İyidere-İkizdere divided under the responsibility of state roads between 0 to 37 kilometers of road construction work is still under construction and Melting Irem they were committed to building partnerships . 12 November 2014 and 16:30 queues continued the tunnel work 24 to 150 km also located at the mouth landslide tunnel entrances occurring in the tunnel entrance ratty weathered rocks on the 3 workers and heavy machinery occurred accidents acting . Worker mobility is survived fled during two slight injuries. 1 material caused his death came on the workers'information was given .

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