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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:54

New Rize City Stadium Class Passed

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New Rize City Stadium, despite the region's rainfall conditions is hosting the soccer match in the best way .

Rize news: Photo Turkey's wettest area , which hosts the event in Rize , the provincial New Rize City Stadium, despite the heavy rain that burn for three days last week, a Super League match to a passing grade in the bottom of the sports community by hosting .
Rize this weekend played Çaykur Rizespor with SAI Raith Rovers after the away team the match coach Bulent Korkmaz said in a statement, \"Course was really nice despite the rain . elsewhere , though never played this game ,\"he said. Photo 2009 August months of the current Prime Minister of the present Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan by the opening of the stadium , was meticulously prepared in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region.
\" REQUIRED MAINTENANCE are performed NEXT GAME AND pREPARE FOR \"the water remains a Photo venue two days the state machine to reach the bottom drain pipe , indicating that drilling is performed Çaykur Rizespor Administrative Coordinator Halitağaoğl Ansar said, \"This way, if discharged reaching the drainage is good, rain water drainage pipe. This eight week 5 of the season so far to host the game in our home stadium is expected Pazarspor also played here because of the maintenance of the site . Also Rizespor 4 league match , cup match playing 1 , 2 also appeared in this field to the tiebreak . Played 11 matches in total stadium was prepared to match the next without any problem properly maintained . Expert team made ​​by seeding , harvesting , drilling and blasting operations followed by operations in accordance with the difficult conditions of the province is done in a certain range, \"he said .
\" APPROPRIATE TO LOCAL CONDITIONS FOR A STADIUM DID \"< br/> involved in each stage while the stadium , stadium manager and Rizespor Administrative Coordinator Ansar Halitağaoğl by expressing that serve numerous competitions stadium for 5 years , \"is experiencing many stadiums in the problems in our country. We create the infrastructure of our stadium with a proper system to the requirements of our region to live in them. We sent samples of the projects federation while the stadium. But the difference should be made ​​between dry and warm place in the stadium and the stadium in Rize . One type of project they are proposing. That's why this project came to us ridiculous. We remove our own project. It is so thin that we thought we needed gravel that move us from Giresun. We wrap with felt the problems we will face in the future , taking into account the drainage pipe . So thinking about the future of the work we do , whether the right decisions, we have demonstrated that operation. Last day of the field in a match played in the stadium what is conducive to play football until he appreciated seeing all the sports public. Our despite rain for days while fighting players on the field, they do not have to struggle with the field conditions. This is giving us how accurate decisions shows that we create this stadium , \"he said .
Arena custodians to PROPOSAL Halitağaoğl said through maintenance of the stadium periodically after the
carried out infrastructure work, \"Our management us stadium gives the contribution for each species . Our Stadium, planting, cutting , there are all kinds of vehicles in the car park for blasting and drilling. Played the praises SAI Kayseri Erciyesspor public sports field after the match made ​​us happy too. I make the following suggestions responsible stadiums in other provinces ; it's important to have a stadium with proper infrastructure . Then the maintenance is very important. They believe the same will happen when it is applied to every stadium , \"he said .

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