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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:59

Göçükl Related Review Launched in the tunnel

Göçükl Related Review Launched in the tunnel
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Rize, where a person is injured three people lost their lives in the rubble of the tunnel has started an investigation .

Rize news:
Rize İkizdere in Erzurum Rize-highway 25 kilometers from the ongoing construction of tunnel construction at the entry of the Collapsing days past Mustafa Shepherd (55) were killed , Joseph Tonbaş Mustafa Corum and wounded Bilal fat. On the issue after the event Rize Rize Governor and Republican examination was started by the Attorney General . Review therefore was suspended work on the tunnel construction. The duration of treatment in a Photo Rize State Hospital, Mustafa COM ( 50 ) in a statement about the incident , \"there were working . Beer came by landslides. We could not understand what happened. I tried to escape . A tree on my my feet came in. I hit a friend in the tree. I stayed Mustafa is under the landslide . it could not recover , \"he said .
incident died Mustafa Shepherd and the other wounded friends of Army Ünye district to which they are registered in the population , Shepherd's married and has six children as specified . The army was sent to his hometown of Shepherd's funeral Ünye district . Birol Tonbul the tree falling on Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Training and Research Hospital, is being held in the intensive care unit. Tonbaş Joseph's is reported to be in good health .

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