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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:20

Acute And Çayeli Copper experiences to share

Acute And Çayeli Copper experiences to share
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Mountain and nature conditions in accidents , earthquakes , natural disasters such as floods, completely volunteer search and rescue operations who ACUTE, Turkey's Çayeli for two weeks with the staff leaders from different regions copper mines received some information from the company bulunarak field .

Rize news: Risks in underground mining and management of this risk , were among the main topics Company gave information Safety Unit. Photo victim to the loss of life and basic first aid support which aims to minimize non-governmental organizations ACUTE, mines and closed areas to accidents for about awareness and intervention , Çayeli attaches great importance to the issue of job security received information from Copper Operations . ACUTE, mining and Çayeli Copper Operations from closed areas for search and rescue operations , safety culture, risk management, fire , gases, emergency management in mine and took information about respirators . Shared theoretical knowledge as well as Çayeli Copper Safety Coordinator Hamid Ozen leader in underground of technical round, the mineral loss, dent , fortifications and lack of observations over about underground mining hazards that may be encountered in business as well cavity was performed. Together at the 2010 Van earthquake with a Photo ACUTE stating that they had found opportunity to work Çayeli Copper General Manager Iain Anderson, \"Van we're now watching with appreciation the work of the acute earthquake we conducted a joint study . to entertain themselves in our area and we heard pleased to transfer our experiences with each other. we like to share information in the coming period will continue ,\"he said . < br/> regarding the subject , ACUTE Department of Education responsible Recep raftsman , which may occur in mines in Turkey of interventions against accidents largely trained and equipped missing the Search and Rescue teams are made , because they resolve to get a bit of a lack of information on this subject as acute thanks to Çayeli Copper Operations said they .


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