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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:36

2 Meter Card Play of the Day 2

2 Meter Card Play of the Day 2
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The plateau which is 6 days stranded in itself can not be heard from Ibrahim Erol Arslan, the past two days, a 2-meter board walk at night went home with their own facilities.

Rize news: The District Çamlıhemşin alone about 10 days ago in interesting events in the Photo Rize Palovit Plateau to the Ibrahim Erol Arslan (35) seven days before the spring with the closure of roads due to severe semi precipitation were stranded . Contact an unsuccessful relatives who fears for his life for six days without news ; therefore Arslan asked for help from the police. Last day Malatya 2nd Army Command Air Search and Rescue helicopter from Arslan Union side of the house which is thought to remain trapped , rescue personnel lowered . However, it was revealed that Arslan home . At the scene of the rescue teams have reported that they saw footprints around but that nobody is at home. Arslan of concern Photo Life's , highland kilometers from the springs by relatives started rescue work as the spring was found resting on a plateau houses below.
< Strong> tWO dAY cARD wALKED Armstrong explained that
live, two days thickness was forced to walk in the snow around 2 meters , said:\"We have reached the plateau . a few days later began a heavy snowfall . Type lasted two days . the home two days ever I could not . outside was formed about 2 feet of snow . to open the door Type fails, I started to walk toward achieving Amlakit plateau. I had a house in a night springs . the straining of the day , I took refuge in a house you can see from the dark. I walked for about 2 days. with releases to call me this I ran home. I had enough to eat . I had no trouble. later I saw the helicopter I learned they were looking for me , \"he said .

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